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Shape What You Know Into Classes That Inspire

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Flying High With the Kite Method of Instructional Design


Instruc­tional Design That Soars: Shap­ing What You Know Into Classes That Inspire enables you to design lively classes and Webi­nars.

This textbook takes you step-by-step through the Kite method of fast, fun instruc­tional design. Packed with down­load­able tem­plates, work­sheets, check­lists, exer­cises, and resources, you’ll return to this guide again and again.

 Instructional Design that Soars will shape what you know into classes that inspire.

Your students will learn how to:

  • Determine whether training will best address performance problems in the workplace
  •  Build the framework for an effective onsite class or Webinar
  •  Create content, material and activities to bring a class alive
  •  Powerfully and dynamical teach classes
  •  Evaluate the impact of class and adjust as needed
  •  Design classes of any length, on any subject, at any time.

Please ask your bookstore to other through BCH Book Distributors.

Phone: 1 (800) 431-1579

Fax: 1 (914) 835-0398

E-mail: Your bookstore can also order at Ingram.




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