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Stand and Deliver!


istock_000013091322xsmall-256x300Are you serious about wanting to increase your dynamism, power and energy as a speaker? Then you must stand up when you present.

Andy Eklund, a presentation skills expert, tells us:

“The vast majority of people are at least 50% less dynamic when sitting down, because their body movements are halved … and perhaps as much as 75% because everything else is restricted too. It’s more difficult to breath properly, which means it’s harder to project your voice. Hand gestures diminish, if not disappear. Eye contact disappears too because the person tends to read what’s in front of them.”

I want you to stand when you present because I want you to be powerful. I’m providing my favorite mottos and metaphors to help you remember to stand tall. Note: Please stand up NOW to try them out—you’ll find a favorite to use the next time you present.

*Imagine that your vertebrae are separated by small pockets of air.*


*Roll your shoulders “into your back pockets.”* (This opens your chest.)


*Imagine a string attached to the crown of your head, gently pulling it up while your chin relaxes downwards.* (Don’t lead with your chin.)


*Lengthen your neck and all else will follow.*


*Create  “cleavage” in your back, between your shoulder blades.* (woo-hoo!)


*Point your chest to the place across the room where the wall meets the ceiling.*


*Simply think “UP.”*

Remember-it’s not about rigidity, it’s about grace, strength and power as a presenter.


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