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Is Training Still Relevant?


iStock_000045855460Small-200x300Training is expensive and energy-intensive. Is it worth it?In Robert Mager’s words, training should be considered an “intervention of last resort” to fix a problem. And as more and more organizations adopt a Human Performance Technology (HPT) orientation, training can play a progressively diminished role.

So, trainers, let’s be selfish for a minute. Even in the larger HPT picture, training has value. Truly great training–that is, training that excites participants about learning and changes their behavior as a result–relies hugely upon our passion.

I’d like to share my favorite things about training. I hope this list invigorates and stimulates your passion. So what’s to love?

1. The energy exchange between the trainer and the participants.

If you are an extrovert, the interaction between you and your participants is your life’s blood. It motors your soul and helps get you through the drier parts of your work responsibilities.

If you are an introvert, this exchange provides a uniquely rewarding opportunity to share your knowledge with others. (It also provides you a legitimate reason to “hole up” and treat yourself after the session.)

 2. Seeing the light bulbs pop

Nearly all my clients say this is their favorite part of training. Few things reward a trainer more than hearing participants say, “NOW I get it!”

3. Knowing you “did good” in the world.

We trainers have the right to say, “I helped people learn and change. In my small way, I changed people’s lives for the better.”

If hearing the words “I never thought I could do this, but now I can” is the biggest compliment you can get as a trainer, rest easy. You are in the right business. Your passion is a priceless gift to the world of Human Performance Technology.

Find out how Guila can help transform you from a boring expert to a great trainer.


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