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How to leave your audience saying “What a great presentation!”


Need to turn something you know into something that someone else knows?

Want the program to be more than just a talking-head that reads a powerpoint to your learners?

Want to make this material live for your audience? What to get them involved so they remember what you presented?

Then Guila’s book is exactly what you need. With it’s practical approach and a few hours of reading and working, Guila will take you from OH NO to OHHHH YEAH!!

This book is not written from a formal, educational perspective. It is written as a manual intended to guide you through the process of designing and presenting. While reading this book, you will feel as if Guila is right there helping you through designing process and getting you ready to present your material. From the very begining you will be starting to develop YOUR project. No complicated formulas, acronyms, or mnemonics; just practical advice to help you shine. By the time you finish the book, you will have finished your program, you will have included some great ways to bring the material to life for the audience. They will be engaged in the material and as a result will be better prepared to put what they learned to use.

If you are looking for a treatise on Instructional Design…look elsewhere. If you are looking for a practical guide to help you right now….this is the book! If you have to present material or ideas to people in group settings, this book is required reading.

A must have resource for presentations that inspire found here.


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