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Communication And Leadership


by Guila Muir

How does leadership look and sound? Adam Bryan distills thousands of years of leadership experience of successful CEOs in his new book, “The Corner Office.” Practice the following phrases in your workplace. Soon, you’ll feel comfortable practicing the underlying behavior as well.

1. Passionate Curiosity

What it looks like: Engagement with the world, relentless questioning of the status quo. What it might sound like:

  • “Why does it work this way?”
  • “What are people’s stories?”
  • “What’s the big picture?”
  • “Why?”

2. Battle-Hardened Confidence

What it looks like: A track record of overcoming adversity. What it might sound like:

  • “I don’t blame others.”
  • “I have the ability to shape events and circumstances.”
  • “I don’t quit.”

3. Team Smarts

What it looks like: A highly-honed understanding of people and group dynamics. What it might sound like:

  • “_____ has an important point. Let’s listen to him/her.”
  • “What do we need to change to work together better?”
  • “I’m sensing discomfort. Let’s talk about what’s happening here.”

4. Simple Mind-Set

What it looks like: Speaking concisely; the ability to ‘connect the dots.’What it might sound like:

  • “Let’s cut to the chase.”
  • “Here is the core point.”

5. Fearlessness

What it looks like: Comfortable being uncomfortable. What it might sound like:

  • “This is an opportunity.”
  • “I’m willing to take a chance here.”
  • “I’m hungry for change and can manage it.”

All five of these characteristics can be developed through attitude, habit and discipline. If you are an emerging leader, practice the mind-set of these phrases. Soon, you’ll feel comfortable practicing the underlying behavior as well!

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