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Tips for making presentations


Never organize your presentation or training using PowerPoint! Use these 3 strategies instead:

Tips for presenting

1.  Content Knowledge

Ensure that you have included only the absolute “MUST-KNOW” material into your training session. When you develop the session, test each part of the training by asking, “is this a ‘must-know’ piece of information, or is it merely ‘nice to know?’ Toss the ‘nice to know’ pieces. Remember-less is more.

If a participant asks you something you cannot answer, remember that it is OK to say “I don’t know. Let me find out and get back to you,” but only if you really will follow up. Meanwhile, acknowledge that a participant in your group may well have the information you lack. Don’t be afraid to ask. Doing so helps you build community with your participants.

2. Willingness To Have Fun
The more prepared you feel with your content and training structure, (attributes #1 and #3,) the more fun you’ll have.

But you must also examine your beliefs about people. Do you feel they are mainly a drag, or do you find them interesting and quirky? Do you like yourself? Are you accepting or judgmental? Your underlying beliefs about yourself and others either boost or impede your level of relaxation and ability to have fun in the training role.

It’s worth your time to examine your philosophy of teaching. Do you buy into a “boot camp” mentality? Alternatively, do you feel oversensitive to students’ needs? Heighten your awareness of your philosophy and actions, and then make changes if needed. Fun will follow!

3. Use of a Well-Structured Training Design
Here are three guidelines to ensure your training architecture is sound:

  • Never organize your training session using PowerPoint.
  • Carefully and thoughtfully develop learning outcomes. Organize all your content to achieve them.
  • No matter how experienced a trainer you are, take a basic class in course design. It may challenge the way you think about training!


The best tip for developing presentations

A small purchase of a book that will help you organize and deliver your presentations with confidence and turn you into a dynamic speaker is all it takes. That book is Instructional Design That Soars by Guila Muir. Popular in colleges and universities across the country. Used by thousands of clients in the private and public sector.

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