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How Can I Increase What My Students Retain?



How Can I Increase What My Students Retain?

Sadly, you can probably now guess that the odds are stacked against your learners’ remembering everything you teach. Here are four helpful techniques to help boost retention:

Use humor.
Increased oxygen and the positive feelings that result from laughter improve the probability that students will remember what they learned.

Make clear what the students will be able to do as a result of the lesson.
State the objectives at the beginning of class, and return to them as you move from one chunk of content to the next.

Provide prompt, specific, and corrective feedback.
Frequent, brief quizzes are more helpful to retention than one large test at the end of the unit.

Use Closures Frequently.
After presenting a chunk of material, use a closure. This helps enhance both sense and meaning, and facilitates the material’s ride to long-term storage.

Remember that a closure is not a “review,” in which the teacher does most of the work. In effective closures, students mentally rehearse and summarize the concepts you’ve covered.


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