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Can You Hear Me Now? Tips to Rise Above the Crowd



Can You Hear Me Now?
Tips to Rise Above the Crowd

The pres­sure on pub­lic speak­ers is great. Speak­ers and audi­ences now understand that Pow­er­Point won’t save any­one any­more. The focus now shines on YOU more than ever before. How can you be heard above the crowd?

1.  Do your homework.
What are your audience’s needs, wants, anx­i­eties, biases, “per­son­al­ity?” What his­tory do peo­ple bring into the room? What do you need to know to ensure that your mes­sage fits this audience?

Pre­sen­ters who don’t ask these ques­tions are like bas­ket­ball play­ers try­ing to dunk in the dark.

2.  Raise your fit­ness level.
Qual­ity pre­sen­ta­tions demand energy. You owe it to your audi­ence to exude vital­ity. To increase your energy and vital­ity, you must build your phys­i­cal endurance out­side of speak­ing situations.

It really doesn’t mat­ter what size you are. It does mat­ter that you increase car­dio­vas­cu­lar fit­ness in your every­day life. Do what­ever turns you on to get that heart beating faster.

3.  Start with the end in mind.
Always ask your­self: “What do I want this pre­sen­ta­tion to achieve?” Don’t move ahead to orga­nize your pre­sen­ta­tion until the answer sat­is­fies you.

Yes, audi­ences expect more from speak­ers these days. But you can rise to the challenge-and above the crowd-simply by inte­grat­ing these tips into your life as a speaker.


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