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How to Conclude Presentations


How to Conclude Your Session With Panacheclosure

How to Conclude Training Sessions
Most trainers do not adequately close their sessions. By not doing so, they unwittingly cheat their participants out of an opportunity to reinforce learning. A well-crafted training conclusion provides a spectacular opportunity to reinforce learning points–interactively. Try one of these methods at the end of your next training session:

Partners Test Each Other: Tell participants to work with a partner. Each partner chooses 1-4 learning outcomes from the course and develops a test question that relates to each outcome. (Examples: “What are the five essential guidelines for developing web-based training?” “Please describe three different ways you could approach an inebriated civilian.”) Have the partners verbally test each other using these questions. (Optional: each pair could then choose its highest-quality question and test the class as a whole.)

Snowball Fight: Ask the participants to legibly write one question about the material on a piece of paper. Have them crumple it into a “snowball” and then, simultaneously with the whole class, stand and toss it at another workshop participant. After picking the closest one up, the participants all find a partner and read the question to that person. Each participant must answer the question to their partner’s approval.

Application: In pairs, each partner describes to the other what s/he particularly learned in the workshop and how s/he will use it.

In Conclusion…Read more here: How to Conclude Presentations


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