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Ten Short Chapters Will Make You A Training Expert


Instructional Design That Soars

Shape What You Know Into Classes That Inspire 


Part One: Instructional Design That Soars

Chapter 1. Why a Kite?

Part Two: Planning for Your Kite

Chapter 2. Before You Begin

  • Do you need a Kite?
  • If building a Kite is the answer

Part Three: Building the Kite

Chapter 3. The Frame: Purpose and Outcomes

  • Building a resilient structure

Chapter 4. The Sail: Context

  • Involving participants from the beginning

Chapter 5. The Sail: Body

  • Choosing activities and materials to bring your content alive

Chapter 6. The Tail: Active Closure

  • Crafting a dynamic conclusion

Chapter 7. Putting It All Together

  • Finalizing your Kite design

Chapter 8. Developing Longer Training Sessions

  • Using the Kite method to design longer, more complex courses

Part Four: Flying Your Kite

Chapter 9. Launching the Kite

  • Flying your Kite with confidence

Chapter 10. Post-flight Debrief

  • Assessing and improving before the next launch


Templates, Worksheets, Checklists and Additional Resources

Great Resources for Course Design and Active Training


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