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Facilitating Large Public Meetings


Facilitating Large Public Meetings

Because of their often “hot” subjects, public and community meetings infamously challenge even the best facilitators. These tips will help keep you on track.

1. Determine the meeting’s purpose. Make sure all stakeholders understand and agree on this purpose (even if they disagree on everything else). 

2. Differentiate between the roles of content expert and facilitator. 

3. Use behavioral groundrules.  


Remember to respect participants’ passion instead of fearing it. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be there. Give yourself a treat when the meeting ends. 


Would your organization benefit by improving its meeting facilitation skills? The skills are easy to learn and exert enormous impact on a project’s success.  

Discover the most important tool for effective meetings, no matter what size or type. 


1 Comment

  1. EdTechJerry says:

    Begin with the end in mind! I stopped counting how many times a facilitator, presenter, instructor skips straight to “all the great information/content” they wish to deliver, but never first ask, “Why are people coming?” and “What do we wish to accomplish from this event?” It may mean that not all of that “great information/content” gets used in the first place because it isn’t relevant to the needs of the audience. Good post 🙂 Hope you don’t mind that I shared it on LinkedIn.

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