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The Night Before Your Talk


Presentation Skills:
The Night Before Your Talk

 What’s the best way to prepare yourself before an important presentation? Follow these guidelines:
  • Arrange your clothing–every single piece–by the side of your bed. This will prevent last-minute anxiety.
  • Go through your presentation materials one last time–but not right before bed.
  • As you lie in bed, roll out and review a mental video of your presentation. See it and hear it. Tap into a sense of focused enjoyment as you experience it.
  • Get as much sleep as you can. But don’t worry too much if sleep is hard to come by. Know that you can still operate fine. You can catch up later.
  • And then-relax. Think about your priorities in life: those who love you and whom you love. You have done your best to prepare, and will do GREAT tomorrow. It’ll be over faster than you can imagine!

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