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A Novel and Creative Work



Writing a training program is a daunting experience for the novice, even if the writer is articulate, intelligent and educated. It is like learning to fillet a fish, how to swing a golf club, or how to tie a full windsor knot. Author Guila Muir attempts to do that here by using kite building as a metaphor for creating training. If the reader doesn’t succeed she probably didn’t read the book more than once or comprehend what she read.

Muir provides simple explanations, eye-catching graphics and numerous worksheets for people to download and print. Two things caught my attention immediately: 1) objectives and 2) her structure for design and activities. She defines objectives clearly as learning outcomes so the reader does not confuse what the trainer is supposed to teach vs. what the learner is supposed to be able to do at the end of the training that he cannot do at the start of training. An objective is not subject to interpretation which she clarifies as if you cannot see it or hear it, it is open to interpretation and therefore, subject to misinterpretation. Her structure is simple. content, materials, and activities are compelling. Content is presentation, but activities is facilitation, and facilitation and practice equals training–or performance.

With 25 years of training experience and training personnel to become instructors, I found her information useful, and I will adapt the above to our training.

While I don’t believe she made it crystal clear that tests should mirror the objectives, this is a novel and creative work.

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