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How to make yourself a more credible speaker


Gaining Credibility: Skills For Informal And Formal Presentations

This powerful hybrid course boosts your credibility both on and off “center stage.” Participants learn to communicate their program’s benefits in informal networking situations and in formal environments, such as presenting to boards.


  • 1-day group session
  • Takes place at a site of your choice
  • Perfect for those who must communicate the benefits of their programs, both in a networking context and in formal presentations.

Increase Your Credibility With Easy-To-Learn Techniques

By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Develop and deliver an effective “Twenty Second Commercial.”
  • Devise effective responses to resistance or negativity to their messages.
  • Craft and model a dynamic opening for a formal community presentation.
  • Develop an action plan to appear truly professional as a speaker.

Links to our other Presentation Skills Courses:

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Contact Guila Muir to find out more about this course. She can customize any workshop to suit your organization’s unique needs.

Individual consultation is sometimes the best solution. Guila provides tailor-made coaching sessions both as “stand-alone” offerings and as follow-up reinforcement after workshops. Contact us to find out more about individual consultation.


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