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Three Essential Tips for Presenting


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Does this sound like you?

I’m a fine com­mu­ni­ca­tor one-on-one, but put me in front of a group and I just die!” Why is it eas­ier for many of us to present in front of a few peo­ple than to a larger audi­ence? Why do many of us believe that some peo­ple just “have what it takes” to present effec­tively, and the rest of us don’t? The truth is that every­one has the innate gifts to speak in pub­lic. True, few may pos­sess the flam­boy­ance of the pro­fes­sional moti­va­tional speaker. But I ques­tion the value of many of these pre­sen­ta­tion skills. They can be mech­a­nis­ti­cally learned  and often look mechan­i­cal. And although it does mat­ter how you use your hands (avoid­ing the  infa­mous “figleaf” pose, for exam­ple) and how you pitch your voice, the real gift you have to offer is YOU.


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