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Tips to Run Effective Phone Meetings


Don’t let your meeting run like this conference call in real life! Hilarious Conference Call Video


Tips to Run Effective Phone Meetings  

1. Have a good start: be sure everyone has the log on info and agenda, attendee list, etc. prior to meeting.


3. Identify one facilitator. If it works well with the meeting purpose, ask other participants (in advance) to lead topics.

4. Ask everyone to identify himself or herself. Remember to take roll call at the end of the meeting.

5. Smile! It DOES come through that you are happy to be facilitating the call.

6. If anyone joins late, at the earliest point, ask them to identify themselves.

7. Set rules at the beginning such as, only one person speaks at a time and identifies themselves each time.

8. If your telephone system allows, mute all lines except for the person(s) facilitating the call.

9. Facilitator encourages attendees to participate by asking them for their input/ideas/opinions. (Remember to un-mute!)

10. Say THANK YOU to the participants at the beginning and the end of the meeting.

11. Follow up with meeting recap-notes to participants.


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