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Rethink the college courses you teach


Rethink the college courses you teach

Full Kite Handout

I found this book helpful for helping me re-think a university education course I teach. Solid guidelines, good probes and reflections, easily organized text. Useful tool.


I was able to use Guila’s book to create an instructional video podcast quickly and easily. Her Kite framework is clear, concise, and gets you going immediately toward the goal of creating engaging content for adult learning. I do a lot of training in my business and I also teach at a leading university. This is one of the best tools I’ve seen for creating relevant and impactful instruction.

Guila’s book is jam-packed with tips and ideas for improving your training. I’m not a professional trainer, so this book is really helping me improve my ability to get my participants’ attention right from the get-go. I love the hooks. Even if you do not conduct training for a living, but put on a seminar or workshop now and then, I highly recommend this book to put one on that participants will never forget!


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